Inspired by the Monarch Butterfly migration, one man attempts to paraglide from Mexico to Canada, and to complete the first ever non-motorized flight across the United States of America. 

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The Above + Beyond Documentary Society presents:

A documentary by: Benjamin Jordan

"Fly Monarca"

(76 min)

Colour | 1080p | 16:9 | Stereo | Canada | 2021



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LOGLINE: In pursuit of a dream, and inspired by a butterfly, an ambitious paraglider pilot attempts to fly across the United States, from Mexico to Canada, relying solely on the sun, wind and his own willpower.

SYNOPSIS: The Monarch is the worlds furthest migrating butterfly. Between Mexico and Canada, the paper-thin pilots navigate a record breaking distance with a pin point precision that baffles science to this day. How do they do it? What secrets do they hold? Last summer, a paraglider pilot risked everything to crack the code.

Follow record breaking pilot, Benjamin Jordan as he dares attempt the holy grail of paraglider expeditions; an unbroken line from Mexico to Canada and the first ever sequence of non-motorized flights across the United States of America.

TAGLINE: The butterflies hold the secret.

Press Releases
Press Release for the New Film
(expedition release below)

May 01, 2021 - Nelson, BC - Can a human begin discover the secrets of the mysterious Monarch Butterly by reenacting their incredible migration? After his 150-day, World Record Paragliding Expedition, from Mexico to Canada, Benjamin Jordan believes he has the answer.

Jordan, together with his filmmaking partner, Lyndsay Nicole, is bringing the inspiring story of the first ever, human powered aerial migration across the United States, to the big screen. From the euphoria of soaring between clouds to the terror of crashing, at full speed into a canyon of cactus, Jordan's "Fly Monarca" takes its audience on a gripping journey that one must see to believe.

Travelling with little more than a tent, banjo and a paraglider, Benjamin flies from mountain to mountain, making a home wherever he lands. From the scorched earth of southern Arizona, across the red rocks of Utah, above the towering peaks of Idaho and along the endless rockies of Montana, Benjamin's creative methods of self-capture, paired with Lyndsay's guerilla style documentary and drone work have packed this 150-day expedition into a riveting 75-minute masterpiece.

On May 6th, 2021, the pair will launch the Pre-Release version of the feature film in order to raise funds for professional colour and sound work before submitting it to major festivals. Film supporters will have access to the first 21 minutes of the film and an addition 70 minutes worth of film extras. Supporters, and the general public will enjoy the final release mid-November.

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Press Release for the Expedition

Nov 25, 2020 - Nelson, BC, Canada - Inspired by the incredible migration of the Monarch butterfly, over the spring and summer of 2020, Benjamin Jordan became the first person to paraglide from Mexico to Canada, setting a new World Distance Record and completing the first ever un-powered paraglider journey across the United States.

Monarchs are the world's furthest migrating butterfly. Over four generations, they fly all the way from Mexico to Canada and back, completing the 7000 km round-trip each year. Exactly how they manage to find the exact same overwintering site that their ancestors overwintered on the previous year, remains a mystery to scientists to this very day.

Due to industrial farming and climate change, over the last 20 years, the Monarch population has dwindled to just 2.3% and, as their existence becomes more threatened by extinction, Jordan felt compelled to raise awareness around this phenomenal invertebrate.

Just like the Monarch, Benjamin's remarkable journey was completed without using fuel or power of any kind, but by simply relying on his understanding of the natural world and the weather systems as they pass. Over Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and Montana, Jordan climbed his way to the clouds using thermals then flew onward, at times covering more than 100 km in a single flight.

Jordan is now hard at work, producing his next documentary film "Fly Monarca" about the journey and how it parallels that of the marvellous Monarch. His goal is to help the general public become aware of the challenges they face and the simple steps they can take to help the Monarch butterfly thrive again.

The above map, hand-illustrated by Jordan, depitcs each flight (red) and portion which had to be walked (green) of the World Record, 2835km journey.

Media Contact: Lyndsay Nicole -

The Making Of
Most epic paraglider films require big budgets. Not this one. An ex-fashion photographer, Benjamin Jordan teamed up with his partner, Lyndsay Nicole to produce breathtaking material on a shoestring. Jordan hiked and flew through the mountains with his own food, shelter and lightweight camera equipment. Nicole, followed him in her van and would hike up mountains to find the adventurer whenever possible, carrying heavier cameras and a drones, a major boost to Jordan's traditional solo documentary style.

Authenticity being paramount, Lyndsay's intimate, interview style has broadened the depth of Jordan's traditional vlogs and her turning the camera on herself from time to time allows the audience to relate to his fringe, expedition style like never before.

Together, the pair spent 5 months alone in the American wilderness, at times not seeing each other for days, but never losing focused on their ambitious goals of breaking records, saving Monarchs and making an inspiring film. After another 7 months of editing their feature length documentary, Fly Monarca is finally ready to soar.

Director Biography:
Benjamin Jordan grew up in Toronto, Ontario and broke into the world of visual arts through pursuits of fashion and advertising photography. In 2006, Jordan and three friends rode their skateboards across Canada, during which he discovered his passion of producing Adventure Travel Documentaries.

He remained out West and has since focused all of his energy into partnering with sponsors, to produce documentaries and publicity, through his unique brand of inspirational and philanthropic adventures.

Prior to completing his record-breaking paraglider voyage from Mexico to Canada last summer, he and his partner, Lyndsay Nicole were spending time in Malawi, creating the infrastructure needed for the country's first Paragliding School: The School of Dreams.

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